Welcome to LUA Dalmatians World!

This website is dedicated to the sharing of information about Low Uric Acid (LUA) Dalmatians. From the number of home pages and discussion groups that have been created in recent years, it is clear that there is a world wide interest in LUA Dalmatians. Many articles on the subject of LUA Dalmatians have been published over the years, right up until LUA Dalmatians gained Kennel Club registration status in the United Kingdom and America in 2011. These articles are scattered across the world wide web and most are published in English only. It is the goal of this site to gather these articles and act as a central source of information on LUA Dalmatians.

LUA Dalmatians World is a community website that has taken and will continue to take the effort of many, who are prepared to invest their time for the translation of these articles. This website site will also introduce you to the LUA Dalmatians of the past, present and future. The site will attempt to preserve the history of one of the first backcross projects in the pedigree dog world, to honour those breeders of LUA Dalmatians and to encourage breeders of pedigree dogs from around the world, who might consider similar projects in their own breed.

LUA Dalmatian Selia