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LUA Dalmatians

The “Dalmatian Backcross Project” began in 1973 with the original outcross of an AKC registered Champion Pointer sire bred to an AKC registered Dalmatian dam. Dr. Robert Schaible conducted the breeding in an effort to address a fixed genetic defect in Dalmatians. This defect affects the Dalmatian’s metabolism of uric acid. Unchecked, this can lead to problems caused by increased urinary uric acid, which includes the formation of urate crystals, urinary bladder aggregate formation, urate stones, and ultimately may lead to urinary tract obstruction and even death.

Today, over four decades after the original outcross, the progeny have 99.98% AKC registered Dalmatians in their pedigrees. On parentage analysis, their DNA is 99.8% the same as all other registered Dalmatians. Low Uric Acid dogs (LUA) [also referred to as Normal Uric Acid (NUA)] exhibit a 10-fold lower urinary uric acid to creatinine ratio when compared to other Dalmatians with high Uric Acid (HUA). For over 40 years, only a handful of Breeders dedicated their time and passion to the breeding of LUA Dalmatians. To say that it was an uphill struggle in the world of pure bred dogs, is not an exaggeration. The LUA Dalmatians achieved American and British Kennel Club registration in 2011. Since then, breeders from multiple countries have imported US LUA Dalmatians as an addition to their breeding schemes.

LUA Dalmatians World

The purpose of LUA Dalmatians World website is to be a central resource of information. The hope is that pedigree dog breeders around the World will find the information helpful and may stimulate a similar project for their own breed. We also want to preserve an important part of the Dalmatian’s breed history by collecting available images as well as information about the Dalmatians and the breeding strategies behind the project. It is a massive task, which can only be achieved in small steps. Please come back and visit often, so you can watch this resource, dedicated to LUA Dalmatians and their breeders, grow.

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